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Introducing: Advice Architects

Drum roll please...

Day Wachell
August 10, 2022

This is Day Wachell, CEO of Responsive.

Over the years we’ve been lucky to have amazing conversations with folks building, solving and influencing how advice is delivered in the wealthtech industry - we call these people Advice Architects. We want to share these ideas, questions and theories with the advice tech community and as such, we are launching our very own newsletter and podcast!

The Advice Architects newsletter will keep you up to date with a roundup of retrospectives and hot takes on industry happenings. As your host of the Advice Architects podcast, I will speak with a diverse collection of people who are involved in re-designing and re-engineering the future of financial advice. We’ll keep the newsletter sharp and to the point - and I promise we’ll steer clear of corny promos.

Advice Architects launches next week - sign up now to come along for the ride!

Day Wachell

Day studied AI in the SymSys program at Stanford and Film at Columbia. Their innovative thinking drives the company's success by bridging technology and the arts, leading to a culture of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.