Show clients a holistic view of their wellbeing

Responsive Dash is a holisitic wealth management dashboard that vastly improves communication. Clients can fund accounts, see their investment performance, access tax and account documents, communicate with their advisor, and engage with AI-generated recommendations.


Provide an industry leading and vibrant dashboard experience for your clients

Informative design in financial applications is now something that’s expected from consumers. Surprise and delight them by making it easy for clients to submit files, requests, and chat with advisors directly.

Holistic View

Fully visualize and make accessible all relevant client account information. Let clients see a holistic picture of their financial wellbeing, so that they can actually see their interests being taken care of.

-> Performance dashboard
-> View investment allocation weighting
-> See investments, cash, loans, mortgages, credit Homepage meter image
Investment Performance

See investment performance historically and in real-time. Give clients direct access to know how well their investments are doing, so they have peace of mind.

→ View historical investment performance
→ Filter by time periods as desired

Understand your clients financial health quickly and accurately

View your clients financial wellness. Understand their needs and priorities. Have conversations that keep them on track and enrich their lives.

Access All Relevant Documents

Reduce back-and-forth communication about documents by making them readily available for clients. Clients can access tax documents, account statements, and all other files in Dash.

→ Automated reporting
→ Tax documents
→ Account statements
→ Activity history
Seamless Advisor-Client Communication

Level up client-advisor communication by integrating Intercom with Dash, so that clients can ask questions and get answers in real-time.

→ Realtime chat
→ *Intercom integration required
Simplify Security with MFA

Protect clients with our industry-leading security implementations with Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) and internationally-recognized compliance standards.

→ GDPR compliant
-> SOC2 Compliant
Initiate Account Funding

Rapidly fund accounts using EFT or transfer of existing holdings. Industry-leading custodian integrations are available to automate this process.

→ Create funding instructions
→ Automatic form population for transfer accounts
→ Send instructions to custodian
Client focused advisor enablement

Built for growth,
engineered for trust