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NOVEMBER 4, 2022

When it comes to taking care of your clients' finances and providing financial advice, you need the best tools available to make the most informed recommendations. Financial advisor software that recommends data-driven actions your firm can take can help you do just that by providing insights drawn from each client’s portfolio, life stage and financial plan and suggesting the next best actions to take. 

In this article, we examine five of the best financial advisor software tools on the market and discuss how they can benefit your business. For each software tool, we will look at the kind of data they act on, the insights they say they enable, and use cases or how they action sales enablement.

“Powerful advisor actions, personalized for every client.”

“ForwardLane figures out how to process data to deliver actionable insights and deliver them to the rest of the sales team.”

ForwardLane has developed the Atlas AI Insights Engine, an NLP (natural language processing) pipeline optimized for financial services. Their software can detect financial entities in conversations, emails, notes and more and resolve this against financial instruments and structured data. The insights they enable are the discovery of new revenue opportunities and identification of clients at risk. Use cases highlighted by this financial advisor software include personalized client engagement, automated analysis with AI, and sales consistency.

“Empowering Financial Advisors to bring better advice to more families.”

Bento Engine identifies key regulatory birthdates and “moments that matter” as data they act on. They provide timely advice delivered through the CRM and offer client-ready, compliance approved materials for distribution. Use cases include serving existing clients, prospecting new clients, and bridging to the next generation. This software for financial advisors integrates with existing technology through proven APIs.

“Use the power of AI to strategically grow your practice.”

Catchlight is based on a data set of over 80,000 lead conversions and their predictive engine is based on the analysis of real-world outcomes. Additionally, more than 75 financial products and services are analyzed.. Not only focused on lead conversion, this financial advisor software promises insights about how individual leads and clients interact with a variety of engagement models and products. The product is focused on prioritizing, engaging and closing more leads through CRM integration.

“Your business enhanced through AI.”

Fligoo’s website does not clarify which data they act on beyond saying that their product “leverages customer data to analyze customer risk and recommends best next action to retain them” or “to make product recommendations to maximize sale conversion rates.” Data can be actioned to execute automatic or supervised actions with the objectives of Increasing sales and reducing churn. Fligoo’s financial advisor software has been developed to “up-sell, cross-sell and enhance investor/advisor relationships.”

At Responsive AI, we believe that advice is more than just a one-time offer – it’s ongoing insight and guidance that helps clients build better financial outcomes and better lives. That’s why we’ve developed software to help financial advisors give clients exceptional experiences and maximize productivity. 

Investors want holistic financial insights and advice – not just another sales pitch. Which is why choosing software that creates personalized client experiences while streamlining actionable processes is of the utmost importance. The future of financial advice is human and personalized –  experiences that can be created through the use of the right financial advisor software tools.

Responsive AI’s Prioritize dashboard and powerful Persona API products leverage data and predictive analytics to identify client patterns and generate relevant advice. This software for financial advisors goes beyond basic questionnaires and CRM triggers with deeper personalization that is always explainable to clients and regulators.

Responsive AI’s next best action software delivers four main benefits for financial advisors:‍‍

Schedule a demo of Responsive AI’s  Prioritize dashboard and powerful Persona API and start optimizing your wealth team’s performance in as little as 12 weeks.


Powerful advisor actions, personalized for every client